I will make character and traits 1k 5k 10k pixel art nft collection


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About This Gig

Hello !

If you are looking to create Pixel Art NFT Collection of 100 to 10000+ collectibles, you come to the right place!

I am nfthee, a professional in NFT Pixel Art

You will get up to any type of traits for characters,

Traits content: Heads, glasses, hats, skins, body colors, necklaces, earrings, mouths, flags, backgrounds, facial expressions, or anything on your mind


100% Unique concept character artwork in Pixel Art Style ( Pixel, crypto punk style, ape style, axie style, cartoon style and much more)

Additional accessory and attribute sets of any theme

up to 10K unique random combinations (even Higher 10K possible)

Contact for combinations more than 10K

For character design, you only need to say what you have in mind 🙂 Design is mine job!

I will generate a 100-10k or more NFT Collection with the main character that i designed

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Can you make logo, banner, fast changing profile photo and social media designs for our collection?

Yes, I can design anything you want

Will I have all the rights to the image I ordered?

Yes! After you describe to us what you want, I will send you a Pixel Art sketch to approve first and after you approve the order, you are the sole owner of that design.

What information I should provide you to have my character design?

A short description on the collection, a list of the traits you want, some example images for the style you want.

Can you just design pixel cute characters ?

I can also design animals, monster and cryptopunks style characters.

Which file formats I will get after the order is completed?

Work File (.psd), Layers (.png) and Generate Samples (.png)

Can you do graphic designs for our collection?

Yes, I can do. Profile Photo, Fast Changing Profil Photo Gif, Logo, Banner, Twitter Header, Announcement, Rarity Chart, Story, Instagram and Twitter Post or whatever you have in mind.

Can I order more traits to build an even bigger collection after ordering?

Yes. You can Contact me for an offer.

Can I order different traits or traits number of types from your list?

Yes, You can. Do you write a message with the list of traits you want ?

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Oct 2021

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2 hours

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