I will generate 10k upto 100k nft art variations


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Want to Generate 10000 NFT from your Art Layers but don’t have the time or tools to create variations?

The gig is all about this, which is fortunate for you.

Hello Cryptos! We are a group of professional programmers & NFT artists having years of experience in designing and developing digital assets.

What will we do?

Using your collection of layers, We will create variations that have no duplicates in them. Additionally, We’ll provide properties metadata & rarities, which are ready-to-use & can be used on various marketplaces, including OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, etc.

How do we work?

With our unique Javascript code, we generate all combinations from the layers of art you provide. A new image is created automatically after the selected layers have been merged, with corresponding metadata added.

What will you get?

  • Selection of generated images
  • JSON file containing metadata properties for each image

Things we need from you?

  1. Set of layers in png format on the same canvas size
  2. The layers need to be overlapped correctly
  3. Layers must be sequentially separated into their respective folders e.g. (1-Backgrounds, 2-Bodies, 3-Hats, 4-etc.)
  4. Rarity (if needed)

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What does the buyer get?

As well as the unique combinations of your NFT artwork, We will provide you with the property metadata for each image in JSON format and the rarity specification sheet if you had any.

Can you design character?

This gig focuses on generating all possible combinations using your artwork separated into different layers. However, you can check out our other gigs, where we can create your own pixel art!

Do you upload the collection in bulk?

No, the gig focuses on combining your artwork into layers to create all possible combinations.

What do you need from the buyer?

Please send us all the artwork. The art must be in separate folders. Additionally, We need to know if there are any rarities and if metadata or image generation requires special conditions, which may increase the order price.

How long is the process?

Depending on the size of the package, deliveries can take up to 2-3 days. If you need quick delivery, you can purchase it.

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