I will draw unique nft art collections with 100, 1k and 10k nfts


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The NFT market is BOOMING with thousands of NFTs being minted daily… The largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, is on track to process $27 billion of NFT sales in 2021, up from $94.8 million in 2020. 

Now is your time to launch your own NFT collection to build brand awareness and reward loyal fans, and of course there is endless money-making potential with your NFT collection.

We’re NFT addicts and have been designing and buying NFTs for the last year, but now we’re opening our design services to fiverr.

We’re a trio of designers and techies with a passion for bringing others’ visions to life. 

We offer:

  • 1 Base Art Design & 100 NFTs – this would include 10 different traits.
  • 1 Base Art Design & 1000 NFTs – this would include 30 different traits.
  • 1 Base Art Design & 10,000 NFTs – this would include 100 different traits.

All metadata and rarity data will also be included. 

We look forward to working with you! If you’re looking for something more custom, then drop us a message!


Please note: Anderson designs the NFTs by hand so we are limited to the number of orders we can handle!


How many different designs do I get?

We offer 1 base art design for each package (you can add an extra-base character for an additional fee).
Basic package: 10 traits and 100 NFTs.
Standard package: 30 traits and 1000 NFTs.
Premium Package: 100 traits and 10000 NFTs.

Can you do more than 10k NFTs?

Yes, we can! We’ve helped create 100k NFT collections before, just drop us a message and we can discuss your needs.

Do I have commercial usage?

Yes, you’ll have full ownership of the NFTs after the gig has been accepted.

How long have you been designing NFTs for?

We’ve been designing and buying NFTs for the last year and we’re actually launching a dedicated TikTok around them soon!

What are NFT attributes?

NFTs have their own specific attributes such as different hair, eyes and props – the more traits that a base NFT has, the more NFTs that can be generated to form a collection. A minimum of 28 attributes are required to create a 10k NFT collection.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs or crypto collectibles, are a new form of digital asset. Each token is unique and cannot be replaced by another token. NFTs can be artwork, 3D models, videos, audio and more.

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