I will draw unique nft art collection up to 10,000 characters


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Would you like to create your unique and original NFT collection?

Hi, my name is Mattia Tanieli and I specialize in creating UNIQUE digital art projects (NFT) with high resale potential.

I will design and draw an authentic NFT character + traits for your own NFT collection.

📌I will create NFT collection with your favourite style

  • Custom illustration
  • Mascot cartoon
  • Cryptopunk
  • Pixel Art
  • Any other nft designs

You can also choose the rarity of EVERY component of your collection and give it a name, those item will then be in the category “properties” of your NFTs

📌I will draw:

  • Base character
  • Traits
  • Eyes/Sunglasses
  • Hat/Hair
  • Fur/Body/Skin

…or anything else! The only limit is your desire and imagination.

Thanks to the design part, I will generate randomly, the exact number of NFTs you want for your collection.

You will be the sole owner of your collection and can sell it for thousands of dollars on the best NFT Marketplaces such as Opensea!

The quality of my tailor-made nft designs is guaranteed.

What are you waiting for?

Contact me before ordering!


How many Nfts can I create in one collection?

I will create the exact number of NFTs you want for your collection. The maximum is 100.000 artworks ♛ BULK DISCOUNTS FOR COLLECTIONS UPTO 100.000 NFT’s ♛

What kind of designs do you create?

You can chose your favourite style: Custom illustrations, Mascot cartoon, Cryptopunk style, Pixel Art

Do you create character design for video games?

Yes i do, you can ask me everything you wish,my drawing style is very flexible and i’ll provide to realize what you ask.

Where to sell these NFTs?

There are various NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation There’s also a famous NFT community on twitter. You can create your account dedicated to your collection and start interacting with NFT community and collectors.

How much NFT’s typically sold for?

NFT’s are in trend and typically sold for $100-$150 artwork. If you manage to sell a collection of 1,000 original NFT’s at $10 a piece, it can rake in $10,000 USD or more.

Do I get all rights to the design?

Yes, you get 100% rights to the designs I make for your NFTs. You will also receive the properties json file for each of the images. You will be the sole owner of your collection!

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