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Hey! My name is Lucas and I am a 15 year old professional youtube gaming editor from Norway. I have been editing my own professional videos for around 4 years.

I have a low price for all my services, and I respond to you and deliver fast.

I usually edit gaming type videos from any game you like from fortnite, minecraft, fifa, roblox, gta 5, and any other game you want me to edit for you.

I will:

  • Edit your videos professionallysmooth and nice. So you get the best result of a gaming editing.
  • Improve sound quality for a better experience for the viewers
  • Adjust sound effects
  • Add visual effects & Transitions
  • Render the video with an amazing quality at 1080p 60fps or more depending on your equipment.

What I will need from you:

  • Link to a google drive folder containing all the footage.
  • Link to any songs you want me to use. (or I choose a good one)

You can send me all of this information via the order requirements page after the order is confirmed!

My extra packages:

  • 1 day delivery: +5$
  • 1440p: +5$
  • 4K Quality: +5$
  • Subtitles: +10$
  • Additional Revision: +5$

I recieve your order and I will complete the video editor project fast. You can even hire me as your own personal editor.


How to send the clips?

Send me a Link to a google drive folder containing all the footage.

What type of videos can you edit for me?

I can edit any type of video game you play. For other videos to eidt DM me.

Can I contact you before I order?

You can contact me through fiverr’s chat system or if needed you can reach me on twitter at @MrLuxie

Can you edit longer videos?

Yes! Just DM me and we’ll sort it out.

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Member since

Jul 2021

Avg. response time

2 hours

Last delivery

about 4 hours

5 reviews for I will do youtube gaming video editing professionally

  1. thenokturnil

    The seller helped improve the awkward parts of the video. made it more entertaining to watch. Thank you. would work with you again.

  2. roambk

    He is exactly what you are looking for! HE took a boring video i made and made it funnier than i couldve imagined!!
    Definitely will request work again from rezentlyy
    You should as welll!!!

  3. zrevide

    The seller had an great communication over all, he fixed his 1080p60 output to 1440p60 output after i told him. The Video itself looks clean, nice edited, and good music. Somehow there is an 1-2 second FPS issue in video, what is not coming from my end, original footage is on that timecode smooth. After i told him that there is an issue, and asked him if he can take a look in it, he was saying; “On my software there is no problems on the timecode” “You sure it isn’t coming from your end?” While i uploaded his video to streamable, and youtube, same isssue is on mobile, on streamable, youtube, everywhere. So, how it is likely that it is coming from my end? Overall great product! Thanks 🙂

  4. iyogert

    Seller delivered a great product well ahead of schedule!! They also worked through a couple issues we had super well and was very willing to communicate/compromise! Highly recommend for anyone who’s looking to make YouTube videos but doesn’t know how/isn’t able to edit them.

  5. acepilot2k7

    First time using an editor for an established YouTube channel and what rezentlyy did was amazing. The video turned out way better than what I couldve ever did and I cannot wait to post it for my audience to see. Im sure they are going to love it. I will be using rezentlyy for future edits on my channel.

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