I will do unique nft art collection with 100, 5k, 10k


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Hello welcome to my NFT art gig!

I’m sure that you already know the developing rates & selling prices of NFTs. There are thousands of new arts being created every minutes. To get noticed and earn on NFT you need to have an unique and custom art collection which is attractive and valuable.

I’m Alex, I have more than 8 years of experience as a professional designer.

I offer:

  • 1 Unique base artwork and 100, 5000, 10000 NFTs with various type of traits (Clothes, Backgrounds, Sunglasses, Hats, Necklace and much more) for Opensea or any other platforms.

  • Metadata with properties and variations of rarity

Our process:

  1. Describe your project idea: Let me know what’s on your mind. When it comes to the base character and traits
  2. I will design your unique base character and traits according to your choice.
  3. Generate the collection using our own algorithm and finalize your order.

Communicate with me and feel free to express your idea and expectations. So that I can alter this offer to suit your needs according to your art style, price and deadline.

I’m really looking forward to work together and create an amazing art collection. This is your chance to be a millionaire.

Thank you.


How many design included?

There are 1 unique base character design with 100, 5k, or 10k various type of attributes to it.

Do you provide express delivery?

Yes. Express delivery is also available. Please contact me for the pricing

What is the main different between packages?

Basic package: Base character + 15 traits (100 NFT collection) Standard package: Base character + 50 traits (5000 NFT collection) Premium package: Base character + 100 traits (10000 NFT collection)

Do you work with an specific art style for NFTs?

I can work with many different styles. Message me 🙂

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