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Hello and welcome to my Gig, In this gig I will use my skills of video editing to design a perfect video for you or your brand.

How to order

1-Contact me and let me know about your requirements.

2-Provide footage if necessary.

3-I will then calculate the quote and communicate it to you.

4-If the quote is convenient to you then we will start the order.

5-After the delivery If you want any kind of modification in the delivered footage then I will modify as per your request(without any extra charges).

My area of expertise includes:

  • Talking head videos(Talking in-front of camera)
  • Zoom Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Text Animations
  • Travel Vlogs
  • Intros and Outros
  • Funny videos(memes,sound effects etc)
  • Subtitles
  • Kids videos
  • Audio Editing
  • Normal Vlogs
  • Video from voice-over and stock footage
  • Color Correction
  • Jump Cuts & Transitions
  • Social media content
  • Slideshow
  • Promos
  • Event videos
  • Advertisements
  • Real Estate
  • Highlights
  • Montage
  • Background Music
  • and much more

Note:Please contact me before ordering to get the best possible offer.


How can I send the data exceeding 1GB limit ?

You can upload it to google drive or dropbox or similar sites and then share the link with me, contact me for step by step solution …

Do you offer revisions if the output video is not upto my expectations ?

Yes, I will work until you are satisfied with the result.

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Oct 2018

Avg. response time

1 hour

Last delivery

about 3 hours

5 reviews for I will do professional video editing for youtube

  1. krysantar

    Absolutely amazing service! He delivered exactly what I asked for and way more! I am very pleased and will be using this seller for my weekly YouTube video edits! Communication was great and he truly delivered better than I expected!

  2. angelk1294

    He was very gracious like always. Been using him for about two months now I believe. He always does amazing work. He was extra gracious to even edit the video and wait on payment until I had my finances in order. I love working with him. Thanks for getting the edits back to me quickly. 🙂

  3. frazerf01

    Omar showed excellent initiative and offered good solutions to editing out problems with my recordings.
    He delivered what he promised on time and for a reasonable price and was efficient to deal with.

  4. ronkontowsky

    He did a great job and did what I asked in the time he said he would do it, only thing I was confused about was my quote…but I paid it anyways to give him a chance and see his product and it didn’t disappoint.

  5. esandersiv

    Did another great job at getting this done in a timely manner, ensuring all the tasks that I ask to complete are done properly. Really appreciate the work to get the channel started.

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