I will design custom nft art collection with 1, 1k, 10k nfts


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Are you looking to have a million-worth nft art collection?

NFT Art market is the most significant trend now If you want to get noticed and earn on NFT you have to have unique and custom art done by professionals, and we can help you with your collection.

We can create any kind of crypto or nft art such as Pixel, realistic, crypto punk style, ape style, axie style, cartoon style, flat style, sketch style, etc.

I’ve successfully completed various projects and have listed my collection as well. I have my collections live on Foundation App, Opensea and a lot more. I am here to help you with the same.

What I offer :

– Creative NFT in trending styles

– Base character with traits and generate 10,000 combinations.

– High-Quality files

– Fast Delivery

– Exclusive rights to sell commercially in any form.

Add ones – Start to end consultation + technical service for minting and listing on any platform (Opensea, Rarible, superrare, solana or your website) with Smart contracts, on any chain (Etherium , Polygon,)

Please note: Depending on complexity of design, price may vary.  

Please send me a message if you need more information before choosing a package, thank you.


How many designs are included in the offers ?

There is 1 custom designs with 10, 1k or 10k various attributes to it

In what formats designs can be done ?

I can do them in bitmap (Photoshop) or 3D ( for this one check other of my gigs). you will get jpg files -NFTs, 1000x1000px or more – depends on your needs.

How the offers differ ?

In each offer I do one base character design with different numbers of the attributes (Basic 1, Standard 1k, Premium 10k). Can be even more – let’s negotiate 🙂

Are they for commercial use ?

Yes, all my designs are for commercial use. All the rights will belong to you.

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