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We are a Digital Agency with a Blockchain enthusiastic team with lots of worldwide experience.

Our team has digital artists, graphic designers, programmers skilled in creating unique collections of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) ARTs. Many of our projects are already listed in OpenSea marketplace.

Trait vs Asset?

Trait – Background

Asset – Red, Green, Snowing, Mountain backgrounds

Let’s assume a character has 7 assets for each 6 traits. That collection produced 117,649 items mixed by 7x7x7x7x7x7. But a valuable collection should have a rarity integration with traits and assets. After rarity integration, the total collection will bring down to 10,000.

How do we generate 1k, 5k, 10k NFTs with rarity integration?

We will configure our impressive application to generate thousands of NFTs by using individually designed asset. When there is a special case scenario which means Common, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary NFTs, the application’s algorithm can operate those rarity integration.

e.g. There is a collection that has 10,000 NFTs as following rarity integrations.

Rare – 5%

Super Rare – 1%

Legendary – 0.1%

You will be satisfied with our project. Message us before placing your order.


Can you give me ideas for assets?

Cheer up! We will give you many ideas…

Can you upload 10,000 NFTs to OpeanSea?

Yes! We can upload it smoothly. Please contact us before placing an order.

Can you develop a minting website?

Yes! We can design/develop a minting website with many features as you want.

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