I will design and create nft art collection that you can sell as nft collectibles


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Hello, I will draw nft characters, nft art and nft collection of upto 10k.

I will create up to 10,000 unique NFT ARTWORK for your NFT ART Collection similar to BAYC, Doodles or any style that you want for your NFT ART collection.

You can provide your ideas and concepts for NFT ART.

  • Design

If you already have a design for your NFT collection it’s perfect, otherwise I can create NFT ART for your NFT Collection.

  • Creation

After designing of Base NFT ART and traits, I will generate randomly, the exact number of NFT ART Collection you want for your NFT collectibles.

You can choose the rarity of EVERY component of your NFT ART collection and give it a name, those items will then be in the category “properties” of your NFT Collection.

  • Revisions & Final delivery

We will stay in touch the whole process and you will have the possibility to check and see if you like my work. When you’re happy I will send the NFT Collection in .zip with everything you need to have.

Feel Free to place your order for base character or NFT collection..




Where to upload these NFTs?

There are various websites like Rarible, OpenSea, Foundation.

Will you help with listing NFT’s?

Yes, I will share a complete guide on how to upload these NFTs on OpenSea.

How much it costs to upload an NFT?

Well, that depends on the gas prices. If the gas is around 20, it would cost $10-$15. Websites like OpenSea, just charge for the first NFT and after that, you can upload as many NFTs you want. You can even upload like 100s of NFTs by paying for the first one only.

How much they are typically sold for?

Well, the punk style art is quite in trend and typically sold for $150-$200 per punk. If you manage to sell a collection of 500 punks at $100 a piece, it can rake in $50,000 USD or more.

What’s the best way to sell them?

The NFT community on twitter is huge. You can make a twitter account dedicated to your collection and start interacting with NFT community and collectors. There are 1000s of collectors waiting and looking for that next idea.

Do I design the art?

There are certain forms of art that can be done, We need to talk about the exact kind of NFT art your need.

How many NFT’s can I get?

The quantity of images can be anything you want. 1K, 5K, 10K, or any other custom number.

How many art layers do I need to create 1K, 5K and 10K images?

Here is the calculation. So if your art has 5 backgrounds, 1 base characters, 5 hats, and 5 necklaces then a total number of unique images possible is 5X1X5X5 = 200 images. So you need sure that the above calculation gives you at least the number of images you are looking for.

What are recommended trait layers.

For 1K collection 50-60.
For 5K collection 100-130
For 10K Collection 150-200

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