I will create your nft art variations, smart contracts, and dapps


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Hello… Good day to you!!

Hope you are doing well and keeping safe !!

Let’s have a chat before ordering

So here we go, we have built an A. I engine to generate random but unique NFT ( Non-Fungible Tokens ) for a given base character. The happy path is you can use our engine for a reasonable price.

let’s have a chat about your idea and let’s go for that extra mile of your NFT journey.

Are you looking for complete solutions?

No need to panic or worry. we can build your NFT minting website and we can deploy your smart contract to Ethereium Network.

Looking for a Smart Contract Developer?

Yes I do smart contract development on Ethereum (ERC-20), Binance (BEP-20).

Here is the best part. You do not need to pay for the whole project. We can go with a reliable phase-wise development plan if you like.


Will you design my idea?

mmm. If you request so, we can do that too. we have very experienced and talented designers who have awesome profiles. So Yes, we can design your idea.

Will you deploy my NFT on opensea?

Yes, of course. we do.

Can you advice me boy ?

Yeah, why not. You have every right to know what is happening behind the scene. I will definitely guide you through all the steps.

What do you do except NFTs

oh. I do dApps, Smart Contract Developments, Web designs and developments, Mobile developments …and another related dev task.
and most interesting work is, I do wildlife photography and live my life happily ❤️

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