I will create unique crypto nft art and generate 10k


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Hi NFT Publishers,

Haven’t an art creation and no idea how to generate the different NFT variations and properties? No problem!

Great! If you are looking to create 10000% Unique character NFT collection 0f 1 or 10000+ collectibles, and Genarate different NFTs,you come to the right place!!

We offer-

  • Customized Base character
  • More than 1000 (30+ unique layers with 3 traits) NFT’s, More than 10000 (50+unique layers with 5 traits) NFT’s
  • Our AI based NFT art Generator can generate metadata with properties and variations of rarity
  • Supports Multiple Blockchain Networks (Etherium, Polygon etc)
  • Our previous NFT collections have over 8000 ETH trading volume


10000 Collection consists of,

  • 4+ traits ( Background, Sunglasses, Cloths, Hat etc)
  • Each trait has 10+ layers (Red, Blue, Yellow Background etc)
  • 1 x Base Character
  • 10 x Background colors
  • 10 x Sunglasses
  • 10 x Cloths
  • 10 x Hats
  • 1x10x10x10x10=10000 NFT’s

If you have already designed your attribute artworks, Please contact us for generating a random collection of NFT’s for your artworks

Don’t miss this great opportunity of becoming a NFT Millionaire!

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