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NFTs have taken the markets by storm. More than $2 billion are spend on NFTs in the first quarter of 2020 with twice as many buyers than sellers.

NFTs may not have been around for a particularly long time, but some have already sold for tens of millions of dollars. They can certainly be lucrative, but the question is whether you are able to create such art and catch the trends currently going in NFT market.

The industry is largely dominated by the art and collectibles segments, and specially the pixel art which has become quite trending on the many NFT markets.

So, on this gig:

I will create unique pixel art nft characters which are quite hot right now. You can also give your ideas or concepts for characters or objects. These punks will be procedurally generated like original Cryptopunks and CryptoKitties.

Ideas can be like:

1) Whale Punks

2) Llama Punks

3) Cow Punks

4) Sniper Punks

5) Skeleton Punks

6) Goat Punks


Please note that the pricing mentioned in gig is for characters.

The collectors are lined up to get that hottest piece that could eventually blow up. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started.


Where to upload these NFTs?

There are various websites like Rarible, OpenSea, Foundation.

Will you help them with listing?

Yes, I will share a complete guide on how to upload these NFTs on OpenSea.

How much it costs to upload an NFT?

Well, that depends on the gas prices. If the gas is around 20, it would cost $10-$15. Websites like OpenSea, just charge for the first NFT and after that, you can upload as many NFTs you want. You can even upload like 100s of NFTs by paying for the first one only.

What’s the best way to sell them?

The NFT community on twitter is huge. You can make a twitter account dedicated to your collection and start interacting with NFT community and collectors. There are 1000s of collectors waiting and looking for that next idea.

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