I will create nft collection in cartoon style, bayc, mayc, doodle, pixel art, 3d


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Message us before ordering or if you have a custom request.

Opensea (Most popular NFT marketplace) visitors have increased from 7.6 million in July 2021 to 60.6 million in October 2021 so it is pretty obvious that now you’re at the exact right timing to get on this train!

If you are here you already know what are NFTs and must also know how much popularity they gained lately especially after the artist known as beeple sold his digital art for $ 69M and now Pixel art style Cryptopunks recently sold just 1 NFT for 124 457 eth which equals to $565M and this is just the beginning…

Here’s how this gig works

1 – describe your project idea

We need to know what’s on your mind when it comes to the base character and the traits, we can even help you find the best idea ever!

2 – We create the base character/object

You’ll get your base character designed, don’t like it? No problem you have unlimited revisions! Until you’re 100% satisfied with the design

3 – We then design the traits

we will show you samples of the traits

4 – Generating the collection and delivering


Everybody is getting on this trend, message me & let’s make your collection alive!


Why should i choose you?

We do not only design your collection, but we also help you brainstorm your idea, take care of creating your traits list + We do the coding part and AI-generated NFTs all of that for a competitive price. You just sit and relax 🙂

What is Unlimited revision?

It means that we won’t move on until you’re 100% satisfied with your base character 🙂

Do i have to generate the variations or hire a programmer?

No, we take care of that too 🙂

What are traits and where do i get them from?

Traits refer to a character’s attributes for example (eyes, hair, skin color, background color) Aaaaand we take care of creating your traits list too you just sit and relax ^^

What’s the pixel art size?

We do 16×16, 32×32 up to 64×64

What’s a background?

Backgrounds can’t be complicated, they can be for example some colors gradient or just a solid color (Exceptions may take place)

Is it for commercial use?

YES! ^^

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