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Hi, I’m Saurav and you are Welcome to the best-selling compilation Gig on fiverr.

Grab the best deal’s on compilation videos.

Compilations Videos are copyright-free, No-copyright, and monetizable.


I’ll create funny compilation videos for your YouTube channel.

I’m a long-time editor on YT & my goal is your full satisfaction.


The compilation videos can be about -:

  • Human fails/ people fail
  • Animal: Fails, Cute. (Trending)
  • Anything that’s trending
  • Casual people Sports fails
  • Dashcam accidents (Not funny, Only accidents)
  • Funny “Found on Reddit”
  • Funny Tiktok fails
  • Funny bike fails
  • Funny boat fail
  • Funny Instant regrets
  • Funny kids/ babies
  • Watch people crying inside
  • Hoverboard fail
  • People are: Awesome, Stupid
  • Try Not to: Laugh/Cringe
  • Funny workout fails
  • Water Fails
  • Winter/summer/fails
  • You laugh you lose
  • Gaming / Twitch Fails
  • & countless other options you can choose from.


best compilations Ever that will boost up your channel

No copyright/Copyright-free Compilations.

 Voiceover is recommended for monetization, please do the voiceover on your compilation.


Please visit my FAQ section regarding the copyright issues & for more details.


Thank you

  • Saurav


How do you collect clips?

I make compilation videos by collecting clips from all social media including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to avoid getting a copyright claim.

How can you avoid copyright claims?

Before delivering the finished video, I always upload the video on YouTube to check if the video gets any copyright claim or not. If a clip gets a claim, I remove it & update the video again as long as there’s no claim left on the video. After that, I deliver the video to my buyers.

What happens if my video gets copyright claims?

If your video gets a copyright claim within 30 days after I deliver it, a) Just post a screenshot of the clip that got a claim, I will replace the clip & deliver the video back to you. b) You can remove the clip by yourself from youtube & you’ll still be able to monetize the video.

What happens if my video gets blocked on YouTube?

If your video gets blocked on youtube within 30 days after I deliver, then I will completely make a brand new video for you for free. But it’s all within 30 days because compilation-type videos can get a copyright claim, anytime, any month, any year. It depends on the owner of that footage.

Do you video’s help in Enabling the monetizable ?

Yes, you can monetize your channel by following youtube Terms and conditions for compilation videos (Google Adsense )
( Use your voiceover or you can say commentary on the video to grow the channel fast and approve for monetization for smooth approval.

Can I earn Money from the videos?

Yes, the Videos we create are copyright free.
Compilation videos must have original commentary to make them monetized.

My channel is new How much time and Videos does it take to monetize my channel?

It depends on the country to country and region to region, But the maximum will take 3 months to get monetized.

How can I find Better tags to rank my videos on first page?

To rank your videos on the first page to the new viewers, You can use chrome extensions like -: VidQ and Tubemate.
They also show the analytics of your channel and videos. It’s got easy to manage your channel with these Extensions.

How many people are there in your organization?

We have a team of people who are experts in video making and editing.

Do you have any suggestion or recommendation to Get my channel monetize safetly?

Yes, Please use Your voice-overs or face cam to get your channel approved smoothly and safetly.

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5 reviews for I will create funny compilation videos for youtube channel

  1. byndon

    The gig was great the seller gave me everything thing I wanted and more and did before the due delivery great job . Will be ordering again

  2. matthewcheungy

    The videos are ok, some videos have duplicate videos. Told him to check the videos for duplicates and he said he did but I still found a few duplicate videos.

  3. gw45ddy

    Order delivered very quickly and to my specification! Will see how the video performs and order again if it does well.
    Many thanks

  4. nicktrade

    Great job this seller was keen to my request. He delivered in a shot time. let’s see how the views will go on YouTube.

  5. rickcrover

    Done right the first time! Excellent video clips with no animal abuse or clips that just don’t make sense. Great job. I will purchase again.

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