I will create chibi pixel nft art collection with 100, 1k, 10k nfts


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NFT Art market is the biggest trend now If want to get noticed and earn on NFT you have to have unique and custom art done by professionals,

and I can help you with your collection. <3

I have made a lot of NFT Art collection for several clients 

I have my own artstyle but Im adaptive to any kind of artstyle. feel free to ask.

Choose your collection:

  • pixel art
  • anime chibi
  • cartoon



1 Base Character & 15 Traits (in 6 different types)

  • 1 head
  • 1 couple of eyes
  • 1 mouth
  • 5 hat
  • 5 accessory
  • 5 background color

STANDARD GIG: Up to 10k Collection

1 Base Character & 40 Traits (in 6 different types)

  • 8 heads
  • 8 couples of eyes
  • 8 mouths
  • 8 costumes
  • 8 accessories
  • 8 background colors

PREMIUM GIG: 10k Collection

1 Base Character & 70 Traits (in 7 different types)

  • 10 heads
  • 10 couples of eyes
  • 10 mouths
  • 10 costumes
  • 10 accessories
  • 10 skins
  • 10 background colors

We also code the rarity that comes with the package

Metadata with properties and variations of rarity.

For additional Traits, you can message me.

This offer can be tailored by your budget just message me.


Do you draw almost anything?

Yes I draw almost anything. feel free to message me for inquiries and see if we could possibly make it! 🙂

Can I have custom traits or unique traits?

Yes, traits can be tailored by your own preference, you can give me a list of traits to work on. if you need a new base for unique ones there’s additional

Can I have a sketch before I order?

Yes, sketches are provided before you order so we can check if it works for you.

Do I have the rights ?

Yes, all rights and source files are provided when you order.
all royalty free.

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