I will create characters with traits for 10k nft art collection


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Send us a message for 1 FREE SKETCH of the Base Character!

Why us?

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Original digital hand-drawn design start from scratch
  • Team of NFT artists with 11 years of experience in Character Design


1 Base Character & 3 Traits (Base Character no accessories)

  • 1 couple of eyes
  • 1 mouth
  • 1 background color

STANDARD GIG: $850 (5% OFF) for 1k collection

1 Base Character & 30 Traits (in 7 different types or more)

  • 5 headwears
  • 5 couples of eyes
  • 5 mouths
  • 5 costumes
  • 4 accessories
  • 3 skins
  • 3 background colors

You can suggest another list with 30 traits in total.

PREMIUM GIG: $2000 (10% OFF) for 10k or up to 1M collection

1 Base Character & 80 Traits (in 7 different types)

  • 11 headwears
  • 12 couples of eyes
  • 12 mouths
  • 12 costumes
  • 11 accessories
  • 11 skins
  • 11 background colors

Additional Traits: $15/trait and discount for bulk order.

File delivery:

  • 3200×3200 pixel
  • Each trait 1 PNG
  • Layered source file PSD
  • Metadata + Json + 1k or 10k PNG images.
  • Exclusive Rights for you to resell on OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare etc.

Working Process: check the PDF in my gig portfolio.


Will I own 100% the right of the images I order?

Sure! The design you get is 100% started from scratch (after you describe to us what you want, we will send you a hand-drawn sketch to approve first) so it is unique. And after you approve the order, you are the sole owner of that design.

What information I should provide you to have my character design?

A short description on the character concept, a list of the traits you want, a rough sketch that you draw or some example images for the style you want. Please read our Working Process in the PDF that we added in our Live Portfolio.

How can I calculate the number of arts can be generated from your gig?

Please check the PDF in my live portfolio for detailed instructions.

Where can I sell these NFT designs?

Some of the most popular NFT Marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation. You can sell them on any marketplace you want with the 10k or 10m collection you got from our design after having a coder generating the images for you.

How much can I sell each artwork?

With a 10k collection, and the unit price per image is $3 (you can write any price on OpenSea for example), it is worth $30,000 at least (check the PDF on our live portfolio for the detailed calculation). We can see the Weird Whale with $350,000 or just a rock (EtherRocks) with $1 million USD!

Can I order different number of traits or types from your list?

Sure, you can do it if you buy Standard or Premium Gig. As long as it’s 30 traits in total for Standard Gig, or 70 traits in total for Premium Gig, you can just write a message with the list of traits you want.

Can I order some more traits to generate even bigger collection later?

Sure, we provide it with a discount rate for bulk orders. Cost for single trait: $15. More than 40 traits: 10% OFF. More than 80 traits: 20% OFF. More than 100 traits: 30% OFF. Contact us for an offer at a better price!

What else can you design beside cute animals?

We can design Mascot cartoon characters, Human cute characters, Cryptopunks, Pixel art designs, Avatar NFTs, and so on.

I see you have a long orders in queue, can you deliver as the time shown on your gig?

The orders in queue are the order that we are processing at the same time (due to our working process with multiple steps, from sketch => base characters => traits => final images). Nobody needs to wait, and the time is as suggested on the gig description (4-14 days).

Which file formats I will get after the order is completed?

Layered PSD and PNGs. Metadata + Json + 1k or 10k PNG images for Standard or above packages.

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Sep 2014

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3 hours

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5 reviews for I will create characters with traits for 10k nft art collection

  1. harrism4

    I had a great experience with this artist. They were extremely accommodating and willing to implement every style and modification that I requested. Most importantly, they had the skill to carry out my vision. Quick response and turn around times and great art. Would do business with them in a heartbeat.

  2. arissifo

    Seller communicated well and was very punctual. They also understood our feedback and provided us with really good results. Would definetely recommend for this type of service.

  3. sawaf5171

    Amazing Amazing Amazing…
    Very understanding although we come from different cultures. He understood everything I needed and delivered accurately.
    I will definitely work with him again when working on my next project.
    Thank you so much for the excellent work.

  4. sbtech72

    Great work from this seller! Quick to respond and absolutely KILLED the project, paid attention to detail and put a personal touch on the project we are very happy 🙂

  5. bigmedge

    Seller gave very convoluted instructions as far as what is & what isn’t covered by payment . The drawings were decently good , I’d grade them a B

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