I will create any crypto nft art or generate 10k collection for you


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Hello, NFT Publishers,

If you are looking for the best NFT Designer or Do you want to be a millionaire? Then you are at the right place.

We are a talented team consisting of character designers, programmers, and crypto enthusiasts. We have already designed more than 500 NFT collections successfully.

NFT is the most trending topic in the crypto market today. So we create 1K, 10k, 100K, or any custom amount of NFTs s per your requirement. All are high-quality and unique designs. 

What you received

1. High quality NFT image files

2. All Metadata

3. Rarity integration

Our Packages


– 1 base character with up to 5 traits


– 1K NFT collection with up to 40 traits

– Metadata

– Rarity Integration


– 10K NFT collection with up to 70 traits

– Metadata

– Rarity Integration

We can create any kind of art collection as per your requirement. So we highly appreciate it if you send us a message before ordering.

Let’s do it.


Do you provide artwork?

Yes we provide 100% unique and custom artworks to your request with any theme

Do you provide 20K random artworks?

Yes we provide even 30K is possible but you have to contact before order.

Will I own 100% the right of the images I order?

The design you get is 100% started from scratch (after you describe to us what you want, we will send you a hand-drawn sketch to approve first) so it is unique. And after you approve the order, you are the sole owner of that design.

Where can I sell these NFT designs?

NFT Marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation. You can sell them on any marketplace you want with the 10k or 10m collection you got from our design after having a coder generating the images for you.

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Sri Lanka

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Dec 2019

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