I will create a successful 10,000 nft art collection


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NFTs are hot, take advantage of this opportunity! If you’re ready to create a successful NFT Art Collection and to work with a team of NFT experts, PRO designers and blockchain developers then you just found the perfect service!

My name is Kaye from SatoshiStudio and we’ve helped dozens of people just like you launch their NFT Collections from scratch!

You can check testimonials from clients who have succeed with our NFT creation services on our gig photos!

Here’s what you’d get if you decide to get my services now

  • Super high-quality original base character created from scratch.
  • From 1 to 50 traits for your character depending on your package.
  • NFT Generation with rarity so you can price some NFTs higher than others.
  • JSON Files & Metadata ready be uploaded to IPFS and Opensea, Solanart, Rarible or any other NFT Marketplace.
  • Experience: We’ve helped dozens of people create successful NFT collections, we got the experience, quality and vision needed to help you succeed!

If you’re ready to create a character that people will love then contact me or order right now!


NFT Cartoon

NFT Character

NFT Collecction

NFT Pixel Art



10,000 NFTs

Cartoon NFT


How many designs are included in the service?

Only one base design, and from that base design we can create different traits for it, so different hats, eyes, mouth, clothing, skin colors, backgrounds and all of them combined would get us hundreds or even thousands of NFTs!

What if I don’t have an idea for my collection?

We can discuss some ideas that could work based in our experience and get started. There are no excuses to not take advantage of the greatest wealth creation method of our era!

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