I will create a random nft crypto art in 3d


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I will design a random abstract NFT in 3D!

but wait, I haven’t told you what an NFT is, well I’ll explain it to you:

To fully understand what an NFT is, we would previously need to know what a blockchain network is.

An NFT can be anything, in this case a random abstract 3D design.

How many times have we seen the typical news in which they tell us something about an imitation of a painting that is sold for a lot of money, or even in movies? All this is solved with the NFTs.

The NFT: Non-fungible tokens, are creating an investment opportunity for some, and a bubble for others, these designs can be sold on your favorite NFT page.

so what are you waiting for? order now and wait for your random and unique design!

if you have a question send me a message

Thank you!


Do I just buy and wait for delivery?

yes, it’s something like mystery boxes! wait for your random and unique design!

Can I request modifications?

no, that’s only for custom designs that are not included in this gig.

Your gig is expensive

I make professional designs for professional people

Do you speak Spanish?


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