I will create a digital art or collectibles for you to sell as nft


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Please refrain from ordering if my status contains more than 5 orders. I may not be able to complete your order on time or as requested. Come again another day, or send me a message to see if I’m available. Thank you.

What is NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are now one of the greatest selling products in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Some has already sold more than $1 million for a single NFT. Non-fungible tokens(NFT) are digital assets whose unique identity and ownership are verified on a blockchain with usually a limited supply. NFTs are not mutually interchangeable. I am here to help those who wants to jump into this booming industry but do not have the skills to create unique and artistic digital medias. Do note that gig prices are for static artworks only. Animated artworks are charged differently . Contact me for further information.


Can you create other media files such as video/audio?

Yes, I can develop other media files such as video/audio/GIF. Price can be negotiated in the private mesage.

I’m not familiar with this NFT/Blockchain space. Can you help me sell as well?

I recommend you to study up on NFT/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency field in order to use my services. This is a new industry that requires some knowledge in the said field.

Are the rights fully given to me?

Yes, the rights to the artworks developed will be fully yours. The NFT that you mint is all yours. That means all purchases and future re-sell values are all yours. However, I don’t mind if you would like to share the royalty with me.

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