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DON’T LEAVE IT UP TO CHANCE! Rest assured that you are choosing an experienced seller on fiverr for Animated Videos .

Standard package includes:

 ✔ Up to 30 seconds of high quality animated video

✔ I will add your logo and brand the video to your needs

✔ Royalty-free background music

✔ A custom script tailored to your business or product

✔ Graphics inspired by your script and selected from my royalty-free image gallery

✔ If you want us to add your music and/or voice over just let us know!

✔ EXTRA: We will format and deliver your video in HD 1080i

What to expect when you order:

  • I will immediately send you a short questionnaire about the video (it’s really easy to fill out).
  • Include any music or files, or just let us do it all for you!
  • We will send you a high quality animated video for your approval.
  • If there’s any changes (small or big) we will fix it for free – 1 revision is included at no cost!]

We have one of the best repeat customer rates on fiverr. We care about your success, so we take the time to listen to your needs and find the best way to deliver a QUALITY product EVERY TIME.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


1. What info do you need to get started?

* Exact purpose of the video
* Length
* More info about your business/services/company
* Your website link (if you have one)
* Logo (if you have one) and any other images that you like to be included

2. Can you create a new image or provide custom images?

No, I cannot create anything new. I am not an illustrator. The image should be either in my software’s library or it should be provided by you.

3. Can you a draw an image or logo or a character provided by me?

If you want the pen/pencil in the video to draw the image, the image should be in SVG format

4. How fast can you submit the videos?

If you add extra fast delivery charge of $20, I can submit the final video within 3 – 5 days.
It would be great if I have every information needed for the video ready before placing the order.
If you have any queries, please contact me before placing the order.

5. What are the voice options that you have?

I offer only American English female voice. If you want any other voice, I can outsource it for an extra charge depending on the video length.

6. Can you add hyperlinks or clickable links?

No, I can just add the links as texts. They cannot be clicked by the viewer

7. Do you create videos in other languages?

I basically do only English videos, however, I can offer videos in other languages if you can provide the full storyboard with English translation. If you need voice-over, you need to provide the script with English translation. I would recommend you to contact me first before placing the order.

8. What software do you use?

I use “VideoScribe” from Sparkol

9. Can you do a music video?


10. Can you revise colors to match our page etc?

Yes. Please just send rgb, cmyk, html or any other standard notation of those colors.

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  1. serkanakar

    Give clear instructions and leave the rest to her

  2. ccharter319

    Great work

  3. serkanakar

    It is like we are a great team. This was not the first time and will not be the last time.

  4. taylorcam72

    Thank you.

  5. irishfootdoc

    Friendly, professional, precise , fast, quality, just a few words to describe working with OrangeGirl. I look forward to her next creations for me. Thanks again.
    Dr. Bryan M. Sheehan

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