I will combine your art to create unique nfts and metadata files


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Pleas send me a message before buying

Are you a digital artist wanting to start a NFT collection but don’t know how those big projects like cryptopunks, cyberkongz, etc. generate thousands of images?

Well, you came to the right place!

My name is Alex, developer of more than 30+ NFT collections (EtherBeanz, TWCC, Cryptohunterz, etc.)

I will:

  • Generate unique combinations using your own art.
  • Use your custom rarity for each trait!
  • OpenSea metadata files included!
  • Simple smart contract included!

This is how it works:

  1. I create a custom offer.
  2. You send me a .zip file with your art (one folder with all the hats, another folder with all the mouths, another one with all the accessories, etc.)
  3. I generate the amount of character you need.
  4. I deliver all the files ๐Ÿ™‚

Check the videotutorial in my gallery! It is pretty easy to follow! you can get your images today!

Why choose me?

  • I include the smart contract!
  • The code I use is 100% mine so I know how to adapt it to your needs. (See FAQs)
  • I have experience deploying tons of NFT projects
  • I will answer all your questions!
  • I will take you from zero to OpenSea expert!
  • My reviews speak for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s work together!


Do you keep all the art after the delivery?

Absolutely no! After you accept the delivery I delete all your art, I am an artist too and I have real respect for others work!

Can you draw the art?

No, my service only includes the combination of images using your own art.

Why should I choose you?

I have a successful project on OpenSea (+5 ETH traded) (EtherBeanz)
I have worked in more than 30 different projects
I deliver 99% of my orders in 1 day or less.
I can guide you to upload them to OpenSea
I deliver metadata files
I answer all your NFT questions
100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Can I add special rules to the generation?

A special rule is a custom requirement for the generation process, for example:
Don’t mix “Hat 1.png” with “Face 3.png”
I wrote my code from scratch so I am able to add any kind of rules.
The special rules are offered as an extra when you buy any of my packages.

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