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Do you have raw footage and need stylish and professional editing?

Do you want your Youtube video edit to stand out?

Do you need royalty-free music in your project?

Congrats, you are in the right place.

👦 Hi, I’m Ginger, and I offer creative video editing for your Youtube videos, no matter if you need a vlog, travel, makeup, infographics, unboxing, or a gaming video. 🎬

I have 2 more editors working in a studio with me so we work fast and around the clock on editing creative videos using paid transitions, motion graphics, fonts, and royalty-free background music. We use the latest versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve to produce unique and creative videos. Ask me about project files if you need them.

Need a custom offer? No problem, shoot me a message and we’ll come up with something!

Make sure to message me before ordering to discuss the details. 😉



What software do you use?

I use Adobe Creative Suite, mostly focusing on Premiere Pro and After Effects.

I need this done ultra fast, like today, can you help?

There are situations where I can start working on your project right away so feel free to message me before ordering a gig.

What format do you export videos?

I can export the video in any format you like. I prefer using standard Youtube exporting settings but if you have a specific desire, feel free to contact me about that.

Can you make me a Thumbnail for my videos as well?

I’m fluent in Lightroom and Photoshop, and I’d be happy to make a Thumbnail for your video.
Make sure to ask me about it when you order.

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May 2017

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5 reviews for I will be your creative youtube editor

  1. keithwheeler991

    I love sitting back and watching the creativity that Ginger adds into every one of my videos! The comfort knowing that I can hand him my raw video and RELAX knowing that everything will be taken care of ON TIME and with STELLAR QUALITY, makes working with Ginger a Dream Come True!

  2. keithwheeler991

    Ginger is the ONLY video editor I trust to edit the content for my video training course. I need to make sure that my videos are as professional looking as possible and I’ve found Ginger to be the BEST at what he does!
    There are a ton of editors that can string together a video, but Ginger knows how to bring life into the videos. Taking something that could be seem boring to some students and adding in elements and techniques that keep my students engaged and coming back for more!

  3. keithwheeler991

    I work with Ginger every week and yet, every week, he continues to amaze me with the end product he produces.
    He makes it a point to constantly make minor updates and tweaks to ensure the video content just keeps getting better, which keeps my viewers always coming back for more!
    I highly recommend working with Ginger. Him and his team are TOP NOTCH!

  4. keithwheeler991

    Ginger always does outstanding work!

  5. mitchellregi556

    ginger_coach was amazing to work with! He immediately jumped on the project and was beyond punctual with it! I would recommend him 10/10 time and will be using him again in the future!

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